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Are you looking for a peaceful divorce without costly, lengthy court appearances?

Or, are you gearing up for divorce-by-combat with win-lose court decisions?

Would Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce work better?

Divorce Mediation Attorney and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser provides Orange County, California clients personalized family law services. If divorce is coming, would you rather it is peaceful? Do you want win-win results? With over 40 years of experience, Divorce Lawyer Glasser can help you choose which decision-making option fits your divorce best. The manner in which you start your divorce will largely determine how well it will end.

In Orange County, California, Divorce Solutions Can Be Peacefully Made

To solve divorce problems peacefully, make decisions about child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support, call (949) 752-2727. Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser offers Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Services to work successfully for you, your spousal partner, and your children.

For a short, but thorough, phone consultation call (949) 752-2727.  Find out how a divorce mediation or collaborative team can help you reach agreements that work. Or, if one of you is unwilling, or negotiations are impossible, contact Orange County Divorce Attorney Glasser directly. As an experienced and skilled Orange County Divorce Litigation Attorney, Robert Glasser has the litigation experience and expertise for advocating and successfully achieving clients’ goals when a judge must decide.

Divorce brings legal, financial, factual, and emotional challenges. At The Law Offices of Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser, you get the guidance of a divorce lawyer with trusted experience. Diminish divorce stress; get prompt attention for your needs and information timely.

If staying out of court and avoiding the uncertainty of court-made outcomes is important to you, consider Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Services. Get a fully informed, cost-effective, and peacemaking divorce with results that work.

Divorce Mediation – A Self-Determined, Professionally Guided Process

Divorce Mediation works because you are able to make informed decisions with your spouse or partner for resolving your family’s concerns. Divorce Mediation Lawyer Robert Glasser and Divorce Coach Jann Glasser assist by helping both of you discover facts, share information, and explore options. You participate, come to understand choices, and then decide the best outcomes. Divorce Mediation is a safe and confidential setting to talk it all over, assisted by divorce mediator professionals. No one is browbeaten or steamrolled. Divorce Mediation leads to fully informed and consensual results. Those results become your enforceable judgment. For more information, contact Glasser Divorce Mediation Services in Orange County, CA at (949) 752-2727.

Collaborative Divorce – A Team Approach to Resolving Issues

In Collaborative Divorce, divorcing couples with more complex disputes may need the assistance of additional neutral professionals, such as a financial expert or child specialist. Along with reliance on their collaborative coaches and attorneys, collaborative divorce clients may have more to address of what divorces can involve before creating win-win solutions. Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Robert Glasser is one of the leading Orange County Divorce Lawyers who guide clients to collaboratively make win-win, workable outcomes.

Divorce Litigation – A Judge Makes the Final Decisions

Divorce Litigation – In cases where communication between the divorcing spouses has irreparably broken down, your divorce disputes are decided by a judge in a courtroom trial. This demands great effort, time, and cost. The judge will make final decisions on your issues. Those orders are forced on both of you. Orange County Divorce Attorney Glasser is an experienced Divorce Litigation Lawyer who zealously seeks to secure the best possible client outcomes in court.

There are better ways to divorce. To get professional guidance for making your best divorce decisions, call Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Divorce Mediation Lawyer Robert Glasser today at (949) 752-2727.

Family Law Areas of Practice

The Office of Family Law Attorney Robert Glasser has provided comprehensive legal services to Orange County, California clients and families for more than 40 years. As a skilled, trusted, and experienced Family Law Lawyer, Robert Glasser handles all family law matters, including:

Child Support – Orange County Lawyer Robert Glasser helps his clients navigate the complex child support system. Mr. Glasser represents in all child support related cases, including the initial child support decision, post-judgment child support modifications, judicial findings of child support arrears, and representation in County Child Support Enforcement cases.

Child Visitation & Custody – Child custody and visitation disputes are typically the most emotionally charged issues of a divorce. Mr. Glasser helps clients successfully resolve child custody and child visitation matters, if not through divorce mediation, or cooperative collaborative divorce, then in litigation. If you need help creating a parenting plan in a child custody or child visitation case, contact the Law Office of Robert Glasser.  Call (949) 752-2727. Make an appointment, learn your options.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements – When you want to protect your assets if you ultimately divorce, or on your death, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements can achieve your goal. Before marriage, and even afterwards, properly written contracts can avoid division of property conflicts. Spousal support can also be avoided by carefully crafted agreements. Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser has over 40 years of experience creating comprehensive prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Mr. Glasser frequently also provides keen advice to clients being asked to sign such agreements.


Property Division – In California, absent a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, all assets and debts acquired during a marriage are subject to equal division. Divorcing spouses often disagree on how these should be divided. It becomes crucial that you retain an attorney who is deeply aware not only of the legal complications, but also the tax implications of dividing property. Throughout over 40 years of Orange County Family Law practice, Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser routinely represents clients successfully to make equitable divisions of property, including stock options and retirement benefits.

Spousal Support – A Spousal Support award is based on a number of unfamiliar factors, including the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage, the earning capacities of each spouse and more. Unlike Child Support, the amount of Spousal Support is a matter of a judge’s discretion. The judge must consider 12 criteria to make his/her decision. The skills of an experienced Divorce Attorney are needed, if not required to gain or defend Spousal Support. In practice since 1970, Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser can provide you a thorough factual and legal analysis, and then provide advice and advocacy on the complex issue of Spousal Support in your case.

Call an Experienced Divorce Mediation Attorney and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer today!

Contact Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser at (949) 752-2727. Make an appointment for a consultation. We will meet with you, and initially help you explore if a Collaborative Divorce or Divorce Mediation is right for you and your family. But, if a peacemaking, cooperative approach cannot work, we will fight vigorously to see you through the entire divorce process.

Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser represents clients in divorce litigation, in the collaborative divorce process, and conducts divorce mediation services for couples throughout Orange County, California including:

Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Anaheim Hills, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, Villa Park, Yorba Linda.

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