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           elcome to the Family Law Offices of Aliso Viejo Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser.

As a practicing divorce attorney since 1972, Attorney Robert Glasser has brought professionalism, empathy and skill to each case while vigorously protecting the rights of his clients.

Our continued commitment to our clients is very simple: we effectively aid you while you manage all of the legal, logistical and emotional transitions that may occur during your divorce. Nobody wants to go through a divorce that turns bitter. That is the reason you and many of those contemplating or going through divorce need to have skilled legal representation. We will represent and guide you through the entire divorce process. Mr. Glasser knows that you not only want fair results, but also a prompt response to any of your questions. You are to the point where you really want to get on with the rest of you life.

Aliso Viejo California Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser brings 40+ years of experience to each of his cases in Aliso Viejo divorce litigation. He has 28+ years experience in divorce mediation. Since 2006, he has represented clients in cases involving divorce collaboration.

If a divorce becomes inevitable, call Aliso Viejo Attorney Robert Glasser at (949)752-2727. Divorce Lawyer Glasser offers a no-charge initial, brief consultation for clients. In addition to regular office hours, we are available weekends and also after-hours. Plans for fee payments can be arranged.

Divorce Attorney in Aliso Viejo, California

The Law Offices of Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser provides comprehensive legal representation and services in all areas of Family Law and Divorce to clients in Orange County, including:

Child Support – Aliso Viejo Attorney Robert Glasser aids clients in navigating the intricate system of child support. Robert Glasser handles all cases related to child support.  This includes the initial decision regarding child support, the post-judgment modifications or judicial findings for arrears of child support, and also representation in cases involving the County Department of Child Support Enforcement.

Child Visitation & Custody – Visitation and Custody disputes are often the issues that are very emotionally-charged during and after a divorce. Mr. Robert Glasser successfully helps his clients resolve their child visitation and child custody matters through either a cooperative collaborative process of divorce, or divorce mediation, or through litigation. When you are in need of help to create the parenting plan for your child visitation or your child custody case, call 949-752-2727. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Glasser today. You can reserve an appointment and learn about options for your unique case.

Divorce Mediation – Another option to child custody, property orders and child support being decided by a judge is divorce mediation. Mediation allows a couple who is divorcing to make decisions so that both parties emerge with a win-win situation. Divorce Mediator Attorney Robert Glasser offers a confidential and safe process that facilitates settlements and discussions with you. Clients are assisted in identifying divorce issues so they can be resolved. All paperwork is prepared by our experienced Attorney Mediator so you can get the divorce judgment that you need.

Collaborative Divorce – In cases where complicated issues or conflicts rule out a divorce mediation, using the method of collaborative divorce allows for fully informed, self-determined outcomes instead of disasters. Solutions made peacefully have proven as much better than those made by a judge after a long legal combat. Aliso Viejo Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser, who is a respected pioneer in this field, consistently gets results by implementing collaborative strategies to help clients reach solutions so their marriage can end peacefully.

Divorce Litigation – There are times when collaborative divorce or divorce mediation may not be feasible. If your partner and yourself are completely unwilling to communicate with each other, Aliso Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser possesses the expertise, skill and experience to litigate in your case. Fellow attorneys have recognized Robert Glasser by awarding him an “AV” rating which is the highest level possible for the areas of ethics and also competence.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements – Protecting your assets in the event of divorce or death is the goal that can be achieved with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. When properly written, these contracts, before the marriage, and also even afterwards, are designed to eliminate conflicts over division of the property if divorce ultimately strikes. These agreements, when crafted carefully, can also help clients avoid spousal support. With more than 40 years’ experience in creating comprehensive agreements both prenuptial and also postnuptial, Aliso Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser also frequently provides keen guidance for clients who have been asked by their partners to sign a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.


Property Division – California Law requires that, without a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement, the couple’s debts and assets that were acquired in marriage are all to be equally divided. It is common for divorcing spouses to disagree on the way assets and debts are to be divided. It’s critical to retain a lawyer who is experienced not only in these complicated situations, but also in tax implications surrounding the division of property. Throughout his 40-plus years practicing in Aliso Viejo Family Law, Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser has consistently and successfully represented clients to assist in the equitable division of their property, including the dividing of retirement benefits and stock options.

Spousal Support – An award of Spousal Support is calculated on many diverse factors such as the living standard that is enjoyed by the spouse during the marital relationship, the earning abilities for each of the spouses and much more. Different from Child Support, amounts awarded in Spousal Support remain at the discretion of the judge. In each case, a judge must take into account 12 criteria in order to make the decision. To defend or gain Spousal Support, you will need the expertise of a skilled Divorce Lawyer. Practicing since 1970, Aliso Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser will provide each client a comprehensive factual, legal analysis. He will advise and advocate on the many complex Spousal Support issues of your case.

Call Aliso Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser at his office (949)752-2727 to set up a time for a divorce

consultation. Our professional attorneys are available to work for you and together discover whether Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is the appropriate choice for yourself and also for your family. If it is found that a solution is not possible through the cooperative, peacemaking approach, we are committed to seeing you through during the entire process of your divorce.


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