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Orange County Child Custody & Child Visitation Attorney

Welcome to The Family Family Law Offices of Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser. A skilled and caring attorney engaged in the practice of divorce and family law related issues for more than 40 years, Robert Glasser is peer honored at the highest level (AV) * of ethical and competent legal services as a divorce litigation attorney. Robert is also prominently recognized for his skills in peacemaking divorce, in a negotiation, or in a mediated or a collaborative divorce.

Mr. Glasser is committed to helping his clients avoid contentious, bitter custody and visitation battles, working to craft parenting plans that not only promote co-operative parenting, but also the best interests of their children. Best interests means they will not suffer the emotional fallout of their parents’ divorce. Acrimonious litigation is painful for everyone, and not productive. The knowledgeable and dedicated representation that Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser brings to your custody and visitation case is vital.

Orange County Child Custody Attorney Robert Glasser

Orange County California Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser offers you trusted experienced in divorce litigation, divorce mediation, and the collaborative divorce process. If you need an attorney who will help you create good custody and visitation choices, either in mediation, or a collaborative process, and, when necessary, divorce litigation, contact the Law Offices of Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727.  A brief complimentary consultation is available. Appointments after 5:30 pm, before 8:30 am, or on weekends can be arranged. Most credit cards are accepted, but, as may be necessary, payment plans may be established.

Mr. Glasser represents clients in all cases involving their children, from the initial determination of child custody and visitation, post-judgment modifications when circumstances have changed, or contempt of existing orders. Plus, Robert advocates vigorously in parent relocation, “move away” cases.

Child Custody in Orange County, California

Disputes over child custody can quickly turn hostile. A seasoned custody lawyer in Orange County, California, Attorney Robert Glasser has provided experienced legal counsel to child custody clients, like you, throughout the course of his 40-year career.

You should know that there are two categories of custody - Physical and Legal. Physical custody determines who the child will reside with and when. A co-parenting or “visitation” schedule will usually set out the times each parent has physical custody. Legal custody determines which parent has the right to make decisions regarding the children’s health, schooling and welfare. California prefers joint legal custody, having found that when decision-making is by both parents, it works best for their children.

When couples are not able to successfully put aside their differences and create their own parenting plan through divorce mediation or the collaborative process, the decision is left to the Family Law Court. But the judge does not know you, your spouse, or your children. What results is a tug-of-war. Parents, their attorneys, and one or more psychologists pull and push for a custody decision that one parent wants and the other cannot accept. The foundation is laid for inter-parental strife lasting far into the future.

In the Family Law Court, before ordering child custody in a contested case, the court typically examines the following:

Relationship between the parents & children

Amount of contact between the parents & children

The fitness of each party to care for the children

In Orange County, California family law courts require parents in contested child custody or visitation cases to attend court-based mediation before a judge will hear evidence. This requirement is to encourage the parents to work with each other to decide what is best for their children, and not make the court do it for you. Usually, there is one session provided to forge an agreement before the Court makes decisions for you.

Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Glasser is a trusted and knowledgeable mediator with over 28 years of experience conducting divorce mediations. As a highly trained and knowledgeable mediator and divorce collaborator, Attorney Robert Glasser can help you resolve your child custody questions peacefully, and with minimal conflict. But, if your case cannot be settled through peaceful means, Robert has the experience you will need to be by your side during custody litigation.

Call 949-752-2727 today to speak with one of Orange County’s preeminent divorce lawyers, or fill out our Child Custody & Visitation Case Evaluation Form. Attorney Glasser or his staff will contact you.

Orange County California Child Visitation Attorney

After a determination of a child’s physical custody is made, child visitation is awarded to the non-custodial parent. Absent a showing of potential harm to the children, the Court will make orders that help ensure that both parents have ample opportunities to bond with and parent their children. Orders are to promote frequent, consistent, and continuing contacts between children and parents

Orange County California Child Visitation Attorney Robert Glasser has been helping clients resolve child custody and child visitation matters since 1972. If you believe that custody and visitation are or may be in dispute in your case, contact Child Custody and Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727. Schedule a brief, no charge consultation.

An experienced mediator, collaborative lawyer and litigator, Custody Attorney Robert Glasser has crafted parenting plans that are unique and plain. In creating parenting plans, Mr. Glasser focuses on working with parents or opposing counsel to draft a complete, clear, and enforceable set of agreements that will work for the family. The parenting plan should clearly define when visitation begins and ends, as well as incorporate a comprehensive visitation schedule that includes weekends, summer, school breaks and holidays. This prevents arguments and future litigation arising from ambiguous language. These are not cookie-cutter arrangements. The fundamental goals are smooth co-parenting in support of healthy children, avoiding future conflicts, misunderstandings, or litigation.

Contact Orange County California Child Custody & Visitation Attorney

Call today to speak to a highly experienced child custody and child visitation professional. Attorney Robert Glasser will thoroughly review your case and help you determine if Mediation or the Collaborative Process are viable as peaceful alternatives to litigation. If a peacemaking, self-determined approach is not possible in your case, Mr. Glasser will pursue zealously, aggressively and vigorously your child custody and visitation litigation rights.

Call 949-752-2727 for immediate assistance.