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Family Law Services Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser Robert  Glasser

           elcome to The family Law Offices of Costa Mesa Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser.

Since he began practicing in divorce cases in 1972, Attorney Robert Glasser has the experience to bring empathy, focused skills and professionalism to each and every case while he vigorously fights to protect the rights for each of his clients.

Our attorneys offer a simple commitment for our clients: effective aid in managing the legal issues and the emotional issues, and also the logistical aspects of their divorce. You do not want your divorce proceedings to be bitter. For this reason, you need accomplished representation to guide you through the divorce. Robert Glasser understands you want a prompt response to any of your questions and you want results that are fair. Moving along and living your life is what you want to do.

Costa Mesa, California Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser is able to bring his four decades of experience into each and every one of his Costa Mesa divorce litigation cases. His experience with divorce mediation includes over 28 years’ and since 2006, he has been representing clients in divorce collaboration cases.

When a divorce is becoming inevitable, you need to call Costa Mesa Attorney Robert Glasser (949)752-2727. Your next step should be an initial consultation with Divorce Lawyer Glasser. Brief consultations are offered at no-charge to clients and are also available on weekends and after hours. Fee-payment plans can also be arranged.

Divorce Lawyer in Costa Mesa

At the Law Offices of Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser, we consistently provide comprehensive representation for all legal areas and services in matters of Divorce and Family Law in Costa Mesa, California. This includes:

Child Support – Costa Mesa Attorney Robert Glasser assists clients as they together go through the complex system of child support.

Child Custody & Child Visitation – Disputes of child custody and child visitation are often emotionally-charged. Attorney Robert Glasser has proven success in helping his clients to resolve their visitation and custody matters. Call the Law Offices of Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949.752.2727 today.

Divorce Mediation – As a Divorce Mediator, Lawyer Robert Glasser offers this method which allows the divorcing couple to decide key matters that may result in a win-win for both parties.

Collaborative Divorce – Costa Mesa Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser works with collaborative strategies to help you reach a peaceful solution to ending your marriage.

Divorce Litigation – Costa Mesa Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has expertise, skill and experience that is needed in the litigation of these cases where both partners are completely unwilling to communicate. Call (949) 752-2727 to begin the process of divorce litigation immediately.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – If these are crafted carefully, they protect each of your assets in cases of a divorce or a death. Costa Mesa Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser frequently guides clients whose partners are asking them to sign prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

Property Division – Costa Mesa Family Law and Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser successfully represents clients in the equitable division of property, which includes the division of retiree benefits and also stock options.

Spousal Support – In awarding Spousal Support, the judge takes into account 12 criteria in order to make the decision. Costa Mesa Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser will provide each client a comprehensive factual, legal analysis to advocate for clients on the many complex Spousal Support issues of each case.


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