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         ou are welcome at the Family Law Offices of Dana Point Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser.

Practicing since 1972, Attorney Glasser takes pride in vigorously protecting his clients’ rights by using skill, empathy and professionalism.

We make a simple commitment to every trusted client: we effectively manage all aspects of the logistical, legal and emotional transition that occurs in your divorce.

Hostile divorce litigation is something everyone wants to avoid. This is why you are in need of proficient legal representation in your divorce. Lawyer Glasser recognizes that you want prompt responses and fair results so that you can get on with life.

Dana Point Divorce Attorney Glasser has represented clients in Dana Point divorce litigation for more than 40 years; He has been involved with divorce mediation for more than 28 years. Since 2006, Mr. Glasser has represented clients in cases involving collaborative divorce.

At the time when divorce becomes inevitable, you need to contact Dana Point Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser at 752-2727, area code 949. We will offer you an initial, brief consultation at no cost. After hours, weekend consultations, and plans for fee payment are available.

Divorce Attorney in Dana Point

The Law Offices of Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser will provide comprehensive legal services and representation in all of the areas of Divorce and Family Law for clients in Dana Point. These areas include:

Child Support – Dana Point Attorney Robert Glasser is committed to helping clients while they navigate the intricate system of child support. Mr. Glasser provides representation to parties in all cases related to child support, including the first decision on child support, modifications for child support post-judgment, findings by a judge of arrears of child support, and representation during cases involving enforcement of County Child Support.

Child Custody and Visitation – Mr. Glasser has helped in thousands of cases where child visitation and child custody matters were successfully resolved through mediation, litigation, or collaborative divorce. Are you in need of help to create a beneficial parenting plan for a child visitation or custody case? Call the Law Offices of Robert Glasser.  Call 752-2727, area code 949, to make your appointment and also learn about your options.

Divorce Mediation – An alternative to having a judge make decisions regarding the division of support, child custody, and assets, is to go through Divorce Mediation. This allows the divorcing couple the power over the decision making process with divorce mediators who facilitate the settlement discussion. The couple will work to identify and then resolve their divorce issues. At that time, Divorce Mediator Lawyer Robert Glasser will prepare the paperwork for your divorce judgment. Mr. Glasser has decades of experience in helping clients reach peaceful divorce solutions.

Collaborative Divorce – As a pioneer in Collaborative Divorce, Dana Point Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser implements collaborative strategies to help his clients obtain solutions in ending their marriage peacefully. Mr. Glasser finds the solution that works for you.

Divorce Litigation – At times when there is a communication breakdown, collaborative divorce or divorce mediation may not be feasible. In these cases, Divorce Litigation is the answer. Dana Point Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has the expertise and skills to litigate in your case through the entire trial. Mr. Glasser has more than 40 years of experience in Divorce Litigation and maintains the highest attorney rating of “AV.”

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – These pre-marriage and at times post-marriage contracts are needed if you are wanting protection for your assets in case of divorce. Dana Point Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been crafting these comprehensive contracts for over 40 years. Mr. Glasser will also provide knowledgeable counsel for those clients who are being asked to be bound by such agreements.


Property Division – In the state of California, when a postnuptial or prenuptial agreement is absent, the assets, debt and property accrued during the marriage are then subject to be equally divided. This is often when spouses disagree. Thus, it is crucial to retain an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer who is understanding of both the legal and also the tax complications that become apparent when a couples’ property is split. Dana Point Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser has successfully represented divorcing clients daily in cases involving property division in the course of his career spanning 40 years.

Spousal Support – Awards for Spousal Support are based upon factors that include length of the marriage, standard of living that was enjoyed, and also the current and future earning capacities for each of the divorcing spouses.  The amount of Spousal Support awarded is at the judge’s discretion. In making the decision, the judge considers 12 areas for criteria. Obtaining and defending Spousal Support requires a skilled and experienced Divorce Attorney. Dana Point Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been practicing since 1970 and provides an analysis that is thorough. He will provide counsel to you on Spousal Support.

Call Dana Point Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser at 752-2727, area code 949, to make your appointment for your free consultation. We are looking forward to meeting with you. We can help you in deciding if Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is a correct path for not only you, but also for your family. If a peaceful process will not work in your case, we are ready to fight for your rights and to see you and your family through the divorce process.


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