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Orange County Divorce Litigation Lawyer

Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser is a collaboratively trained divorce attorney, divorce mediator and divorce litigator. Highly experienced in alternatives to divorce litigation, the Law Offices of Robert Glasser is dedicated to promoting peaceful alternatives to contested divorce combat. However, if you and your spouse have suffered an irreparable breakdown in communication and are unable to resolve your disputes through divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has the skills necessary to fight diligently for and obtain fair results in your case.

Contact Orange County Divorce Litigation Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727. Schedule an appointment with a leading divorce trial attorney. If you believe that you and your spouse are unable to work together to settle your divorce issues, Mr. Glasser will advocate aggressively on your behalf as your divorce lawyer.

When your negotiations and attempts to settle your divorce in a peaceful manner break down, as they may, you need the experience of a divorce lawyer who has been a successful divorce litigator for more than 40 years. An AV rated Family Law Lawyer, Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser knows how to help his clients achieve their goals through court litigation.

Divorce Litigation Attorney in Orange County California

Although Orange County California Attorney Bob Glasser strives to help divorcing clients settle their disputes amicably and without court intervention, he understands that some cases can only be resolved by proceeding to trial. If there is a history of violence within your family when one party is making excessive demands, if your spouse is refusing to comply with requests for financial information, or is using the children as pawns in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage, litigation may be inevitable. Mr. Glasser has extensive experience representing clients in complex divorce litigation proceedings. Orange County Divorce Litigation Attorney Robert Glasser

Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser represents clients in every aspect of Family Law and divorce related litigation, including:

Child Custody

Child Support

Child Visitation

Contempt Proceedings

Division of Community Property Assets

Post Judgment Modifications

Separate Property Disputes

Spousal Support

When a marriage is no longer sustainable and a couple decides that divorce is their only option, it is imperative to retain a skilled, qualified divorce attorney, one who knows how to obtain the most favorable results possible. Orange County Divorce Attorney Bob Glasser has over 40 years’ experience handling marital, custodial, support and asset division disputes. He works diligently to ensure that his clients are able to make informed decisions and advocates zealously on their behalf.

Contact an Orange County CA Divorce Litigation Attorney

If you and your spouse have made the decision to file for divorce, contact Orange County CA Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727 for exceptional legal representation. Mr. Glasser will meet with you to discuss all of your options. The Law Offices of Robert Glasser is located in Newport Beach and represents parties throughout Orange County.