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Family Law Services Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser Robert  Glasser

         ince 1972, Fountain Valley Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been protecting the rights of his clients with skill, empathy, and professionalism.

At the Law Offices of Fountain Valley Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser, we make a strong commitment to each of our clients by striving to effectively manage all of the details pertaining to the legal, logistical, and emotional transitions that occur with divorce. We understand that you want to avoid bitter and hostile divorce litigation. You want a fair resolution in your divorce matters and you also want prompt replies to your legal inquiries. For these reasons, you need the knowledgeable and experienced divorce representation of Attorney Robert Glasser. We will represent and guide you through the divorce process so your life can move forward.  

Fountain Valley Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has represented clients in divorce litigation for more than 40 years in Fountain Valley and surrounding communities. For the past 28 years, he has been practicing divorce mediation and since 2006, he has represented clients involved in collaborative divorce cases.

If you are headed toward an inevitable divorce, call Fountain Valley Divorce Lawyer Glasser 714-366-0270, to schedule your initial consultation. There is no charge for this brief meeting. We also offer after hours and weekend consultations, as well as fee payment arrangements.

Divorce Lawyer for Fountain Valley, California

The Law Firm of Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser offers legal representation for all kinds of Family Law / Divorce clients in the city of Fountain Valley and surrounding areas. Areas of Practice include:

Child Support – Navigating the complex child support system can be tricky. Attorney Glasser has experience representing clients involved in County Child Support Enforcement cases, the initial determination of child support, post-judgment modifications, and matters of arrears for child support.

Child Custody & Child Visitation – Disputes involving the direct care of children are understandably emotionally charged during divorce. Attorney Glasser can help create a parenting plan to resolve your child visitation/custody matters successfully. Learn about the available options by making your appointment today.

Divorce Mediation – In Divorce Mediation, the divorcing couple is assisted by a Divorce Mediator to identify and peacefully resolve their divorce issues in a safe, private environment. Attorney Mediator Robert Glasser has been facilitating divorce settlement discussions for over 30 years.

Collaborative Divorce – By avoiding lengthy and costly court battles, couples may choose Collaborative Divorce and work with a team of professionals to resolve divorce issues, therefore ending the marriage peacefully. Contact Mr. Glasser, a pioneer in the field of Collaborative Divorce, to discuss if this option is the right choice for your situation.

Divorce Litigation– When the alternatives of Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation are not appropriate for you and your family, you need the expertise and skill of Fountain Valley Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser to take your case through Divorce Litigation. With an “AV” rating for ethics and competence from fellow lawyers and over 40 years in the field, Mr. Glasser is a vigorous advocate for his clients.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – Whether signed before or after the wedding, these agreements are intended to protect one’s assets in case of death or divorce. Contact Attorney Robert Glasser if you’ve been asked to sign one or if you need assistance in creating a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement.

Property Division – Upon divorcing, California law requires the equitable division of both the assets and the debts acquired by a couple during their marriage. Fountain Valley Divorce Attorney Glasser has assisted thousands of clients with the successful, fair division of accrued marital assets, including the division of retirement benefits and stock options.

Spousal Support– Spousal Support/Alimony is awarded by the judge based on numerous factors. Mr. Glasser provides a skilled and experienced representation to ensure his clients receive equitable and fair results for those wanting to either defend or gain a favorable Alimony decision.

Contact Fountain Valley Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser at 714-366-0270, and schedule your appointment for a brief, initial consultation. You will learn whether Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is appropriate for your family. When those peaceful approaches are not an option, we will vigorously fight for your rights and see your case through Divorce Litigation.


Fountain Valley Divorce Lawyer – Attorney Robert Glasser