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 A practicing divorce attorney since 1972, Mission Viejo Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser vigorously represents clients to protect their rights with skill, empathy, and professionalism. We make a simple commitment to our trusted clients: We will effectively manage all of the legal affairs, emotional stages and logistical transitions that occur in your divorce. We understand that you do not want to suffer through an angry and bitter divorce litigation process. For this reason, you need the accomplished and skilled representation offered by the Law Offices of Mission Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser. We understand that you deserve prompt responses from your inquiries, and that you are expecting fair results in order to proceed with your life.

Mission Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been a Divorce Litigation Attorney for over 40 years. For the past 28 years, he has represented clients in mediation and in the collaborative divorce process since 2006.

If your situation is heading toward divorce, contact Mission Viejo Divorce Attorney Glasser at 949-752-2727. Clients receive a no-cost initial consultation. After hours and weekend consultations are available, in addition to fee payment arrangements.

Divorce Lawyer in Mission Viejo, California

The Law Offices of Mission Viejo Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser provides comprehensive legal representation and services in all areas of Family Law and Divorce including Child Support, Child Visitation & Custody Matters, Property Division, Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements,  Spousal Support. Divorce Attorney Glasser specializes in the following areas:

Divorce Mediation – Are you searching for peaceful solutions in your divorce? If you are currently involved in divorce litigation, or you know that divorce is inevitable in your future, you need the experience and skills of Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Glasser who will work with you and your spouse to craft a divorce settlement that is agreeable to both parties. In Divorce Mediation, the spouses, not the judge, decide how to divide the couple’s assets, financial support, and child custody issues. The process of mediation allows the divorcing couple to be active participants by taking control of their situation and making their own mutually beneficial decisions. Divorce Mediation Lawyer Glasser has been helping clients make long-term, peaceful divorce solutions for three decades. The Law Offices of Mission Viejo Divorce mediation Attorney Robert Glasser offers a safe and confidential structure in order to assist settlement discussions so clients can identify and then resolve their divorce issues. Our office will handle all the paperwork needed so you can receive your divorce judgment.

Collaborative Divorce – Are you looking to end your marriage in a way that does not involve a lengthy court battle? Collaborative Divorce is the best option for couples who don’t want divorce to take a heavy emotional or financial toll. Collaborative Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser is a leading Divorce Lawyer in this field. By ensuring self-determined outcomes, Collaborative Divorce offers peaceful resolution with the help of professionals who identify and work to reduce conflicts. Complex financial and legal issues as well as emotionally charged matters are contained until each party is able to make an informed decision. As a pioneer in this field, Mission Viejo Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Glasser works with each client to offer collaborative strategies, assist clients in finding solutions to resolve their marriage amicably, and obtain results that work.

Divorce Litigation – In cases where divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are no longer an option because of a complete and irreparable breakdown in the communication process, Mission Viejo Divorce Litigation Attorney Robert Glasser has the skills and experience necessary to take your case to trial. Mr. Glasser has gained extensive experience over the last 40 years by helping clients obtain favorable results through divorce court litigation. Divorce Litigation Lawyer Glasser has an “AV” Attorney rating, which is the highest ranking among Family Law Attorneys. As a skilled and experienced legal advocate, Mr. Glasser will aggressively fight on your behalf for every aspect of your case, including Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Support, Division of Assets, Property Disputes, Post-Judgment Modifications, and Spousal Support.

Contact Mission Viejo Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727 to make your appointment for your initial consultation. We are ready to meet with you, discuss your situation, and assist you in exploring whether Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is the correct option for you and also your family. If peacemaking will not work, The Law Firm of Mission Viejo Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser will vigorously fight for your case and see you through the entire divorce process.

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