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Orange County California Divorce Lawyer – Practice Areas

Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser  has engaged in the practice of Family Law and divorce related issues for more than forty years. Mr. Glasser is an “AV” rated divorce practitioner, which means he holds the highest possible esteem from the legal community (judges and attorneys) for his ethical standards and legal competence. Robert brings those highest of standards and skills to his commitment to his clients. As a client of Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser, you receive practical legal advice and effective representation. If you believe your divorce is inevitable, get prompt and reasonable results to help you get on with your life.

Contact Orange County California Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser. Call us at 949-752-2727. A brief telephone consultation is at no charge. Mr. Glasser has more than 40 years’ experience representing clients, like you, in Orange County divorces.  To his trusted courtroom experience, Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser has 28 years experience conducting divorce mediations.  Robert is also a pioneer Orange County attorney in the peacemaking, collaborative divorce process.

At the Law Offices of Robert Glasser, we know that divorce is difficult. To help you through your transition, we work diligently with you to move your process forward efficiently. Robert Glasser also strives to lessen the stress a divorce involves by helping you understand, and be able to participate. Robert will present and explain innovative, effective alternatives to contentious divorce litigation, either divorce mediation or a collaborative divorce.

But, if Collaborative Divorce or Divorce Mediation are not viable options, if you and your spouse cannot reasonably communicate, your emotions are too high, or the issues are just too complicated, Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has the knowledge and experience to represent you vigorously in court to achieve winning results.

Orange County Divorce Attorney Practice Areas

Orange County California Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser offers representation in a full range of Divorce and Family Law matters, including but not limited to the following:

Child Support

Child Visitation & Custody

Divorce Litigation

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Property Division

Spousal Support

We work closely with each client. We will evaluate your needs, and we always seek to promote your best interests. Although we strive to avoid hostile court combat through alternatives to litigation, Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser will vigorously represent you. Robert applies trusted experience and the highest (“AV”) peer-rated legal skills on your behalf if litigation becomes inevitable.

Call 949-752-2727 for a brief, complimentary consultation.

No-Court Divorce Alternatives in Orange County California

Collaborative Divorce – Collaborative divorce is successful when the divorcing parties share the belief that avoiding costly and emotionally detrimental litigation is in their best interests, as well as their children’s. Collaborative Divorce ensures that the divorce process, while never pleasant, does not become a disaster. A team of divorce professionals works with you, the divorcing couple, to achieve common goals of resolving all issues fairly, quickly and effectively, and then writing-up an enforceable settlement.

Divorce Mediation – Another cooperative alternative to court combat and black-robe decisions dividing your property, ordering child custody, visitation, and support is Divorce Mediation. If you want self-determined, non-combative outcomes for dissolving your marriage, Divorce Mediation offers you a highly structured, confidential setting for making your own decisions. The divorcing couple works alongside neutral Divorce Mediators to identify and resolve issues without fighting or judicial interference. As a Divorce Mediator, Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney Robert Glasser has almost three decades of experience helping couples peacefully obtain long-term divorce solutions. Call 949-752-2727. Find out if a peaceful approach to your divorce can work for you and your family.

When divorce is inevitable, contact Orange County Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Robert Glasser. Call 949-752-2727. Speak with an experienced professional. Mr. Glasser will talk with you and review your divorce options. If you believe that you and your family can benefit from a peacemaking divorce, you may find that Collaborative Divorce or Divorce Mediation will work best for you. If you or your spouse cannot communicate even with professional guidance, divorce lawyer Robert Glasser will vigorously be your advocate.