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Orange County Property Division Lawyer – Attorney Bob Glasser

The Law Offices of Orange County Divorce Attorney Robert Glasser has been representing clients in property division disputes for more than 40 years. California is a community property state. As such, absent a premarital or postmarital agreement that provides for the allocation of property in the event of divorce, all community property assets and debts are subject to equal division between the divorcing couple. Property division disputes can become highly contentious, especially in complex cases where couples have amassed significant assets and financial obligations.

Mr. Glasser has successfully overseen the equitable division of marital assets and debts in thousands of cases, and has successfully argued before the state Supreme Court with respect to the division of pension and retirement plans upon divorce. In Marriage of Oddino, California’s State Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in favor of Attorney Robert Glasser’s client, ruling that divorcing couples have the right to have a State Court divide assets that have accumulated in an ERISA governed pension plan or retirement benefit, rather than a Federal Court. This is now the national standard. If you and your spouse have considerable property division issues, Mr. Glasser has the knowledge and skills you need in an Orange County Property Division Lawyer.

Orange County Property Division Attorney Robert Glasser

Contact Orange County Family Law Attorney & Property Division Lawyer Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727 to set up an appointment. Have a consultation with an AV, highest rated divorce attorney, one who has been advocating on behalf of clients in property division cases since 1972. Mr. Glasser also works with couples to resolve their property division cases peacefully, either through the Collaborative Divorce Process or Divorce Mediation. However, if peaceful attempts to settle your disputes are not possible based on the facts or emotions of your case, Attorney Bob Glasser has the experience necessary to litigate your case before the Court.

Community Property Division in Orange County California

Under California Law, the marital estate ceases to exist at the date of separation and the characterization of property falls under one of the three following categories:

Separate Property – Property and / or debt acquired by one party prior to the marriage, or after separation, or by gift or inheritance during marriage. Separate property acquired before or during a marriage can be converted into community property if the separate property owner commingles assets with those of the community.

Community Property – Property and / or debt acquired during the marriage by any effort of either member of the community.

Quasi-Community Property – Property a couple acquires during their marriage in a non-community property state will be treated as community property upon divorce in California.

Orange County California Property Division cases become complicated when the parties disagree about the date of separation or the characterization of property, as each can have a substantial impact on the valuation and division of the marital estate.

Attorney Robert Glasser works with appraisers, business valuation experts and financial specialists, including accountants and actuaries, to obtain an accurate and reasonable assessment of how much the marital estate is worth. When necessary, he will bring in forensic accountants if you believe that your spouse is either hiding assets or has converted community property assets into separate property.

Once all of the real property, personal property, investment assets, retirement assets and debts have been identified, Orange County Divorce Lawyer Robert Glasser will work diligently to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of community assets and debts. It is not necessarily 50/50.

Contact a Property Division Attorney in Orange County CA

If you and your spouse are filing for divorce and need an experienced property division attorney, contact Orange County CA Property Division Attorney Robert Glasser at 949-752-2727. For skilled, thorough and caring legal representation, call today.

Mr. Glasser will meet with you to discuss all of your options for settling your property division disputes through peaceful alternatives to court combat. However, if these alternatives will not work (a hostile spouse or other reasons), Lawyer Robert Glasser has more than 40 years of successful courtroom experience that he will put to work for you!